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Cicero said of the state : Salus Populi Suprema Est Lex : The welfare of the people is the ultimate law.
Steps To Binary Universal Governance Equity Individual Right To [Note : OBC = Original Birth Certificate]
  • Accountable Electoral System / Direct Democracy {OBC}
  • Allodial Land & Resources Titles; and,
  • Affordable Currency Absent Of Inflation

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Your fundamental right to legal counsel of your choice is the apex of the following discussion regarding Risk Assessment. The Sinister Interest is entwined therein as a critical factor of evaluation.

In order to see INC.gv unfold as a successful global Peoples' balance to traditional empirical / hierarchical rule; then, there must be simple truths attached to the Mission and Legislature.

INC.gv is about property title : allodial v. fee simple; and, the value of the individual in relation to the state : a question of the Hohfeld balance; where a right entails an equitable duty.

In conjunction with legal / political / human rights is the matter of currency. Governance entails creation of currency and its management through public and private banks. Economics of supply and demand ensure indenture of citizens through state taxation.

Human rights versus state rights are the fundamental issue to be resolved via INC.gv.

It is inevitable that an organization - whether public or private - will encouter allegations of corruption; or, at least of ineptitude.

INC.gv is incorporated to serve the global community in establishing equitable governance by invoking universal enfranchisement of citizenship that may be transferred from state to state by the individual conscious and informed choice.

The ethernet becomes the domicile of this Legislative House. And, it resides outside of any claimed geographic domain. It is a Common Law Trust.

The first breath of INC.gv began through the Turtle Island North aboriginal indigenous Peoples of CSQQN-2 when Leader Ruby Peter commanded Elizabeth II to redeem her Original Birth Certificate to her posession.

The evolution of this land and governance question began more than 10,000 years ago, as Coast Salish Peoples established residence in Turtle Island North; and, then, through the Roman Catholic Church's Papal Bulls Romanus Pontifex and Inter Caetera and the British Empire there commenced an empirical unraveling of traditional land entitlement. Non-Christians were deemed to be non-humans / i.e., without legal capacity [Terra Nullius]; and, hence, not entitled to own land and resource paramount title.

As with Lt. Alfred Dreyfus, so to does Leader Peter exemplify a portal for the advancement of fundamental human rights.

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