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Founding Global Peoples Governance

Expression of right in law as an enfranchised citizen is duly demonstrated by consciously and freely through an informed petition lodging the ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE into the governance entity of choice. is created as a berthing site through which each citizen may demonstrate legitimate responsibility into the evolving course of life on Earth.
The existing international bodies - such as the United Nations, The World Bank; or, G8 - do not necessarily represent constituent pleasure. Rather, as with state-nation, these entities more than likely are legal fictions arising out of the preferred desires of commerce and trade.
State-nations and these international organizations do not necessarily represent the interests of the citizenry. And, in fact, institutions such as the International Court of Justice will only entertain submissions by acquiescent state nations. Individuals are not generally entitled to be heard.
Therefore, inconsequence, it is in the public interest to provide a vehicle politic that enshrines the valuation of the individual as being paramount to the state. Hence,
In order to establish a universal assembly that may more adequately represent the original individual right by birth, is established for the purposes of providing:
  1. Contemporary value to the Original Birth Certificates
  2. Ensuring that universal standards of law shall form the root constitutional framework of governance; wherein, individuals shall not be subjected to indenture or slavery; whether, economic, military or otherwise factual; and,
  3. Providing a genuine sovereign Peoples Global Assembly
salus populi est suprema lex - the right of the people is the supreme law